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What is MAGENTA?

MP letter


“The course was very aggressive and at the time I was thirteen years old, the unbelievable chest pain and burning in my legs didn’t stop for years. It is the worst treatment I have received for my condition.”

patient survey response

Graded exercise therapy can cause ME patients serious harm: surveys show that hundreds of patients — including children — report worse symptoms after graded exercise therapy. Some become housebound or bedbound, for years.

Please help us stop MAGENTA, and all trials of graded exercise therapy.

Sign the petition to suspend graded exercise trials

Here’s what you can do to help:

  1. Sign the relevant petition – UK and Global Petition Landing Page

  2. Share this page and/or the petition with everyone you know – we need support from well allies

  3. UK citizens: create extra impact by writing to your MP (Example Letter or Email)

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